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Chicago punk band, Alkaline Trio, released their ninth studio album, "Is This Thing Cursed", last week on 8/31 at midnight. The album seems to have only been met with critical acclaim by both fans and reviewers alike. This was an interesting release for the band, because it was the first since Matt Skiba joined Pop Punk band Blink 182. No doubt the release was the first for a whole new wave of Alkaline Trio fans.

The new record was lead by two singles "Blackbird" and "Is This Thing Cursed". One lead by Matt, and the ladder by bassist and co-frontman man Dan Andriano. Many fans are claiming the album to be their best work since 2003's "Good Mourning".

The writing process for Matt and Dan seemed to be very natural for this record, as they said they wrote the entire album while in the studio. Similar to their sophomore release, "Maybe I'll Catch Fire".

Since Matt joined Blink, and both Dan and drummer Derek Grant have been busy with side projects, there was worry that Alkaline Trio might not make it back into the studio.

"Is This Thing Cursed" was a pleasant surprise to both old fans and new.

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