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I guess it’s a breakup song and a love song at the same time,” is the succinct yet apt description given by Sydney-based punk quartet FANGZ of their newest release, “Won’t Be Me.” We have possibly never related to anything more. As the title suggests, it’s a heartfelt anthem to letting go of someone you love.

This track is regret tinged with anger, sadness, and loss, wrapped up in melodic pop punk angst and served hot. The bridge might be our favorite part, rising with passion that eventually ebbs and ends in a final, resolute refrain.

If you are going through it, this song will resonate hard. We’d recommend pouring yourself a mug of sweet chamomile tea first to take the edge off.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out “Won’t Be Me” below and then follow FANGZ for more band updates.

FANGZ - Won't Be Me

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