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Los Angeles Punk band, Drama Dolls, just released their new single "Yes Man". This was our first time listening to the band, and we loved it!

Once we started listening to the song, we were kind of confused as to what we were listening to. A timid guitar and bass line over drums showcasing the vocals saying "yeah" over and over. Before we knew it, we were thrown into Punk Rock n Roll greatness! The song picks up 1,000% and leaves you running around and throwing whatever you have in your hand.

The track continues to go back and forth between calm verses and epic choruses before ending on a final scream. From there, you find yourself starting the song over and singing along (YEAH!). We dug this track so much we also added it to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.

Check out the song below and make sure to follow the band via social media (linked above) to keep up to date with new music!

Drama Dolls - Yes Man (Spotify Stream)


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