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Berlin based Indie band Dodo Origami just released their debut EP "Say No To Art". This is an impressive 6 track release. The debut from a band can be tricky, because sometimes they have not found "their sound". That's not the case with Dodo Origami. Every song on this release is incredibly catchy. By the time the EP is over, you're left wanting more, which is exactly what an EP is supposed to do.

We're not sure what the band has planned next, but we're hoping that more music is in the works. We added our personal favorite track from the EP, "Wonderland", to the top slot of our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. We're hoping big things are headed towards these guys, because with a release like this, Dodo Origami is a name a lot more people should know.

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. You can stream their new EP below!

Dodo Origami - Say No To Art (EP Stream)

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