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New Jersey punk band, Doc Rotten, is close to halfway through their Japan Tour. Following these guys on social media, it's clear to see that they're having the times of their lives. This is well deserved, as Doc Rotten has been at it non stop since forming in 2016.

In the short time they've been a band, Doc Rotten has released three EP's, five music videos, and been on multiple tours. We actually had the pleasure of hosting these guys back in April at Will's Pub in Orlando. It was an awesome experience because Doc Rotten brings so much energy into their live performance. After their Japan tour is over, they're heading straight to Europe for an additional month of touring.

Doc Rotten is also very active in their local scene, and they've hosted a few bands from Orlando in their hometown of Trenton, NJ. Watch for them as a future "Havoc Underground's Band of the Week". It's inspiring to see these guys out there doing what they're doing after being a band for just a few years. Make sure to follow them via social media so you can stay on top of all their shenanigans. Also, make sure to follow their Spotify and check out their newest video for their song "Sick and Suffering" below!

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