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Orlando, FL based band Dial Drive just released their new EP "Broken Down". Since it was released through Havoc Underground, we're biased. So we won't give anything away, just go give it a listen.

What we will say is that "Broken Down" is a 5 song full production acoustic EP. It's definitely a different sound from the band. "We wanted to do something different for this release." Said singer/guitar player Nathan Durazzo. "We're writing a new full length, but Jake (guitar/vocals) and I had a set of 5 songs we knew would work best as their own thing. It was a band decision to go acoustic for this release. I'm really excited for fans to hear a new side of Dial Drive."

Stream "Broken Down" below, and make sure to follow the band (linked above) for more info about new music.

Dial Drive - Broken Down EP (Spotify Stream)

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