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Artwork for "Broken Down" by Dial Drive. Created by Amanda Fox

Orlando based band, Dial Drive, just announced that they'll be releasing a new 5 song EP called "Broken Down" on October 16th. This is the first official release from the band though Havoc Underground, and we're really excited to be working with these guys.

More details to come, but we know that "Broken Down" is a full production acoustic EP. We're biased here, but we think fans of the band are really going to like this release. "It was awesome to be recording again" said Nathan Durazzo (guitar/vocals). "Honestly it was nice to just be writing again too. With the world slowing down for a bit, it's been a bummer that we can't get out and play shows. We've been working on a new full length recently, but Jake (guitar and vocals) and I had this set of songs that we all kind of knew should be its own release."

While the EP may be acoustic at its core, there is some serious production that went into making it. The band enlisted Brooks Pachal, who also produced their 2018 album "Wasted Time", to produce the EP. "It was awesome working with Brooks again too. We recorded at our new home studio and he kind of produced the songs remotely. I'm really excited for our fans to see a different side of Dial Drive."

Pre Save "Broken Down" on Spotify below, and remember to give it a listen on October 16th!

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