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We're pumped to have Central Florida pop-punk/emo band, Dearly Beloved, join the Havoc Underground crew! Started this year, the band has a string of rad tunes ready to fire. We'll be releasing their debut single, "Stuck (Again)", on Friday, September, 9th. Get to know Dearly Beloved below, and make sure to check out the teaser of their new single!

HU: Who is Dearly Beloved?

DB: Dearly Beloved is Gabo Seda (vocals and guitar), Chris Garcia (bass), Jacob Rossignol (guitar), and Trey Ayers (drums)

HU: How did the band start?

DB: Started with Gabo and Chris. When covid started their last band slowly dissolved but Gabo and Chris went on to write and reinvent their sound and style into what became Dearly Beloved. Chris was jamming with a friend from high school, Jacob, and started showing him some of the material they've been working on and shortly after joined the project. We spent months going out to shows while looking for a drummer when we met Trey at a show with his other band Problemaddicts. After showing him some of the demos he was on board.

HU: Have any of you worked together on projects in the past?

DB: Gabo and Chris have been in 2 other rock/metal bands together in the past and have worked on music for the last 8 years.

HU: Who are some major influences behind your sound?

DB: My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Rise Against, Neck Deep, Fallout Boy

HU: How did the writing process go for the EP?

DB: As part of the reinventing process Gabo spent months altering his writing style from hard rock/metal, to emo/pop punk starting with "The Ballad Of Marcus & Maria". Chris assisted Gabo with suggestions and ideas of his own, helping to put songs together like "Stuck (Again)". Lyrics took the longest to put together but once Jacob joined he helped finish up some of the songs and suggested riffs and chord progressions for more songs like "Jaded".

HU: What about the recording process?

DB: We went to Killian Studios and got to work with Matt Goings from All Gone Grey. Working with Matt was a blast! He gave us a lot of suggestions and put a lot of time into making the songs come to life exactly how we envisioned them. We spent about 2 months tracking, drinking beers, and sharing laughs and had a lot of fun through the entire process.

HU: Any future plans you want people to know about?

DB: We're going to be releasing our first single, "Stuck (Again)", on 9/9. We will be releasing the second single, "The Ballad Of Marcus & Maria", the following month, and the full EP in November. We look forward to playing with more bands in the scene and on different stages across Florida.


Check out the teaser for their debut single below. Pre-Save the song on Spotify HERE


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