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You know that feeling you get where you hear a song that just cuts to your core? Where you feel a tingle in your spine, and the hair raises on your arms? The new single "Better Alive" from Pop Punk band Dead Bundy did that.

This is a song with some heavy lyrically content. These lyrics alone in any song could be a hit, but being paired with this aggressive Punk instrumental makes "Better Alive" a track you can't stop listening to. It's hard to put into words their sound, but imagine a Sum 41 styled instrumental with Alkaline Trio styled lyrics. What can get better than that?!

The bands influences can definitely be heard in this track, but at the same time they added their own elements to really carve our their own sound here. This was our first time listening to the band, but this release has guaranteed that it will not be the last. We're betting you'll see "Better Alive" on our Best of 2020 list at the end of the year. We also added this track to the top spot on our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify.

Although we're not sure what is next from the band, we're hoping that an album or EP is set to follow. There's a lot of talent and potential here, and we want to hear more of it. So make sure to follow Dead Bundy (linked above) to see what else they have going on. You can check out the music video, as well as Spotify stream, for their new single below. Happy listening!

Dead Bundy - Better Alive (Official Music Vide0)

Dead Bundy - Better Alive (Spotify Stream)



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