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U.K. based artist Danny Wright just dropped his new single "Reckless". We've covered his releases before, so we were pretty excited when this tack was announced. When it came out, it did not disappoint! Overall, we feel that this is a track that shows the songwriting diversity this artist has.

While the previous tracks we've covered have been more Pop Punk inspired, "Reckless" finds itself more in the lines of Alternative Rock. This is a song you can imagine hearing on a major rock station, while still keeping some of the grit of an underground hit. The intro of the track is enough to keep anyone interested, but the track just progresses from there. Mellow verses set the stage for the real stars of this track, its anthemic choruses and outro. The transitions in this song are great too. It really takes you on a journey where you're constantly excited to hear what comes next.

If you haven't yet, make sure to follow the Danny Wright artist page (linked above) to hear the rest of his music and stay on top of new releases. We added "Reckless" to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify, as well as linked it below. Happy listening!

Danny Wright - Reckless (Spotify Stream)


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