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St. Louis-based artist, Daniel Bohn, just unleashed their new album, Emotions Of The Sky. An 8-track ripper, this is a powerful new release that delivers an anthemic blend of styles. While metal at its core, the artist really shines here by blending multiple elements under the Rock umbrella to craft a dynamic sound.

Unique transitions in this album keep you engaged from start to finish. Best enjoyed in order, each one of these tracks seamlessly flows into the next. Occasional electronic elements also keep you on your toes and build a more enjoyable journey. Daniel Bohn has been staying busy steadily releasing music since 2020, and we're excited to see what kind of attention this brings to their already impressive discography.

It's always refreshing to hear a release that sounds new. While there are elements in this album that pull on the nostalgia hear strings, the artist did a perfect job at blending influences with their own sound. The end result is an absolutely wild ride that any fan of the metal/prog world is going to love.

You can check out the album in its entirety below. We also added a couple of tracks to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow Daniel Bohn to stay on top of what else they have going on!

Daniel Bohn - "Emotions Of The Sky"



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