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"On + Off,” the latest track from pop rock artist Dan Fuson, captures a common feeling many of us have encountered at least once. Although the general theme of the song may elicit the mixed emotions one typically experiences while going through a breakup, the huge arena rock sound of the instrumental arrangement underneath a bold chorus emphasizes in particular the euphoric freedom experienced after finally freeing oneself from a difficult relationship.

The track is propelled by driving rock drums and a catchy guitar hook reminiscent of the iconic keyboard lines in chart topping songs from The Killers, MGMT, and other pop rock contemporaries. Meanwhile, the song’s bridge section, which includes a vibrant guitar lead, adds a touch of rock ‘n roll attitude.

This would be a great song to play on repeat after a breakup (and perhaps even yell from the top of some deserted stadium steps), because it reminds us that, even though times might be tough now, there will always be better days ahead.

For more news and updates, check out Fuson’s social media page here. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below!

Dan Fuson - On + Off


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