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Swirls of dark smoke weave through a thick evening fog down by the water’s edge of a city’s forgotten shipyard. A tuneless melody of unknown origins echoes through the abandoned docks. Steady beating drums sound in the distance as a spectral wail drifts through the gloaming. Ethereal strings perk the ears and heighten suspense. You look hurriedly over your shoulder as shadows pass in the night.

This is dark folk at its finest. Subtle seafaring themes are underscored by an eerie, coursing soundscape of tremolo strings, rising drums, and torrential vocals that ebb and flow as one, like the measureless sea itself. “Thirteen” is Collateral Beauty’s masterpiece of sound and fury that, in spite of a haunting past, thirsts after soul-redefining renewal and rebirth.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Tread carefully with “Thirteen," then keep a lookout for other tales from Collateral Beauty.

Collateral Beauty - Thirteen



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