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We absolutely adore the newest single from rising pop starlet Brooke Daye. “FTS” (aka “fuck this shit”) is so easy to get into and groove with, you totally forget it’s from an underground artist rather than a Rihanna or Billie Eilish with big label support. The lyrics are oh-so catchy and a little edgy, encouraging us to sing/swear along, and the arrangement is nicely done, featuring important elements of pop music from the past decade - a trap beat, dubsteppy booming bass, and acutely autotuned choral backing.

The clean, arpeggiated guitar set to a moody chord progression throughout the track adds a darker element that reminds us of some emo and scene music, like the very beginning of a Billy Talent song. Daye’s clear voice has a little edge to it, at times modeling the punk-tinged pop of Avril Lavigne, and we love the way it balances atop the stripped down a cappella chorus. Pop music at its finest.

Nod along to the track below, then follow Brooke Daye for more music, events, and news.

Brooke Daye - FTS

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