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Seattle based group Blisshouse. just released their new single "Sick!". We have a lot to say about this track, but first we want to start off by saying that it fucking rips! This genre-blending duo has done an incredible job at creating their own sound here. We can honestly say this is one of the best tracks we've heard this year.

The overall journey that "Sick!" takes you on is a pretty wild one. Elements of Punk, Indie, Hip Hop, Post-Hardcore and more are all present here. By the time the track is over, you're left finding yourself unable to not hit replay to experience the whole thing again. Impressive vocal and instrumental work lead "Sick!" through unique transitions and spot on production. This track is so unique and rad that it's almost hard to find the words to accurately describe it. Overall, Blisshouse. knocked it out of the park here, and we cannot wait to hear what they have planned next.

We added this track to a top slot of our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to stay on top of what else they have going on. You can stream the new single below!

Blisshouse. - Sick



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