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Blink has been the laughing stock among their fans since the announcement of their Co-Headlining tour with rapper Lil Wayne, not to mention that god awful collab of "What's My Age Again" and "A Milli". It pretty much took away any excitement of future Blink releases, at least for me anyway. Fortunately, I was wrong.

The band just released a new track called "Generational Divide". Paired with it's punk rock artwork and a run time of only 49 seconds, it's a super fun track. The song seems to poke fun at the hate the band received lately. Mark's lyrics, "Is it better, is it better now? Are we better, are we better now?", being yelled over a fast punk rock instrumental gives off the vibe of "Okay! Is this what you wanted Blink fans?"

Regardless, this short fun track has me looking forward to the new music their working on. They will have a new record out this year, name and release date TBA.

Check out "Generational Divide" below



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