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Scottish melodic hardcore band Below The Neck have just released a new ripper of a single entitled “Amygdala.” From the track’s first stroke, we are buried alive under shovelfuls of jagged guitar riffs and metric tons of serrated drums. Fraught vocals battle tooth and nail against utter dissonance and confusion. Sonically expansive choruses momentarily drown the harsh discordance in a flash flood of unmitigated anguish. But just as a thin veil of serenity sets in, we are mercilessly hurled back into the cacophony, compelled to maddeningly claw our way out again in a desperate, never-ending cycle.

Below The Neck has fashioned a true masterpiece here by distilling overwhelming visceral emotions into intentional, tangible art. You do not want to miss it.

We added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy and our Underground Punk playlists on Spotify. Get buried in “Amygdala” and follow Below The Neck for more band updates.

Below The Neck - Amygdala

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