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Baudelaire’s debut track, aptly named “Prayers,” holds a murky mirror up to the ubiquitous church mass in a darkly accurate reflection. The stiff, unmoving verses are like a grim responsorial psalm echoed monotonously by an unfeeling parish in a nondescript, grey-hued chamber. Only one devotee dares to be different. They have dreams of breaking an endless cycle, thoughts they are sure cannot be hidden forever. Ultimately though, they cannot evade their own nature. There will be no dissent.

This British Black Country sextet has brewed a viscous gothic darkwave rock potion worthy of early Resident Evil’s shadowy cleric-lead rituals. We know it’s unwise to follow this ghostly procession down, down to the depths, but callous fingers pull us along and we can no longer extricate ourselves…

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Succumb to the heartless in “Prayers” and follow Baudelaire for more dark enchantments.

Baudelaire - Prayers



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