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Pumped to have Bandaid Brigade be Havoc Underground's Band of the Week #10! The band was started by Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios, Gods of Mount Olypmus) and Zach Quinn (PEARS). We've been following these guys since they released their first single "Travel Light" in 2019. Check out our interview with them below!

HU: Thanks for taking the time guys! For those who don’t know, tell us how Bandaid Brigade started.

BB: Zach and I met briefly in New Orleans in 2014 at a show, but really hit it off on a One Week Records European tour in 2017. We started rooming together on the second day of the tour and immediately recognized a likemindeness, in both music affinity and humor. We decided to meet up shortly after the tour to start writing. We didn’t have a particular style or sound in mind, we just wanted to write songs and see what would come of it. Thinking back on it, we presumed it would be more of a soundscape or electronic type project, rather than a rock or punk thing… then entered Paul Rucker. Once we co-opted Paul, the sound quickly defined itself. We went into the studio with no expectations, and different priorities than we were all used to from other projects. Have fun, say yes to everything, no limits. Once we laid down the first few songs, we knew it would be an actual band with songs and a name and shows. 

HU: Where’d the name come from?

BB: Bandaid Brigade was the original title for one of the songs, which got changed to “Losing Light”. We liked the phrase, so we used it for the band name instead. 

HU: Your style is a lot different when compared to some of the band members other projects, who are some of your influences for Bandaid Brigade?

BB: Everything we’ve ever liked, but during the writing process we were frequently referencing a few influences in particular - Genesis, Joe Jackson, ABBA, The Clash, The Police, Billy Joel,  Weezer, to name a few. 

Album art for "I'm Separate" by Bandaid Brigade

HU: “I’m Separate” is an album that absolutely rips from front to back, can you tell us a little about how the writing process went?

BB: We got together in San Diego and just recorded a bunch of guitar and piano tunes on our phones. We literally spent five to ten minutes on each idea and moved on, mostly just verses and choruses. Then I went out to New Orleans for a more involved demo session. Zach engineered and we focused on arrangements and filling in the empty spaces. We had some basic templates for drums, but Paul pretty much wrote everything on the spot in the studio because he’s a freak of nature. Same with lyrics, we knew what we wanted to talk about in each song, but Zach was writing lyrics on smoke breaks while other stuff was being tracked. 

HU: How have you guys been handling the COVID-19 shutdown?

BB: Really good! We’ve been able to maintain our normal routines, emotional distancing, day drinking and prank calling mee maw.  We actually just spent the last week demoing the next record which we plan to record in December. 

HU: If you could have Bandaid Brigade be direct support on tour for any band, who would it be? 

BB: At this point, whoever the fuck would take us. We’re a cheap date and a good hang. 

HU: Favorite show you guys have played so far?

BB: They’ve all been fun and blurry. The last show of the Europe tour was pretty epic, mostly for the after party, Rucker was break dancing and the Butt Train went all night long. 

HU: Do you have a favorite song from “I’m Separate” to perform live?

BB: Butt Train. Hands down. 

HU: Anything new coming up for Bandaid Brigade?

BB: Tons! Well, as much as we’re allowed to do. Definitely one, maybe two releases next year. One may or may not be a musical. Bye!

Well there you have it! You can purchase "I'm Separate" from Bandaid Brigade on vinyl over at the SmartPunk website. Also you can check out their tunes via their SPOTIFY, BANDCAMP, etc.

Bandaid Brigade - Travel Light



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