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Italian metal band, Avelion, just delivered their epic new single, "Bound To Blackness". Boasting impressive instrumental work that ranges from face-melting guitars to melodic synths, this track hits hard from the first drop and keeps the energy until the last note. Spot-on production work drives this track home as listeners are treated to a 6-minute banger that's easy to keep on repeat.

Punchy drums blend with hypnotic bass lines to create the backbone for the track's anthemic and powerful vocal performance. Clever lyricism builds a narration in the song and keeps listeners excited for what's coming next. Unique transitions solidify the masterful songwriting skills and ultimately leave us with a refreshing and kick-ass new tune!

We added the single to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. We're not sure what the band has planned next, but we can't wait to hear more! Jam along hard to the new single below, and make sure to follow Avelion to see what else they have going on. Enjoy!

Avelion - "Bound to Blackness"


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