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Atlanta based Punk Rockers, Forsaken Profit$, have let us know that they're coming down to fuck up Florida for a few shows on their "Eat My Crust Spring Tour". They'll be on the road as direct support for the Reggae Punk band, The Bastard Suns.

"We can't fucking wait to thrash up Florida with our brothers in The Bastard Suns! Ty, our beloved shit taking drummer, is now their strang slanger so we are hitting the road together!! It's going to get fucking wild on this tour so prepare yourself for liver damage!!!"

There looks to be a lot of cool stops on their FL run. We've been to most of these venues. One that stands out is their show at the Orlando DIY staple, Uncle Lou's. They'll be playing the second year of Blood Fest, which is an annual Punk Rock show put together by local record label Violent Breed Records.

Don't sleep on these shows... They're spanning most of the state so there's no excuse! If you're unsure of what to expect at a Forsaken Profits show, just check out this description...

"Forsaken Profits, Aggressive and putrid these motherfuckers will destroy everything you love and you'll still beg for more. Political, deep and silly as fuck they'll confuse and enthrall you, while having you mosh until you puke. Out of Atlanta, GA they keep the torch lit for amazing southern punk. Skumfucks for life, punks until they die these cats will fuck you up and keep you moving."

Check out the music video for their song Revolution below:

Also make sure to follow both Forsaken Profits and The Bastard Suns via Facebook so you can stay up to date with what they're doing!



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