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U.K.-based metal band, Assurance, brought the heat with their latest single, "Facade". Boasting an impressive blend of heavy styles, the band shines right off the bat with creativity and unique songwriting. Hypnotic guitar licks take the lead here as you're thrown into quite the wild ride.

The unique transitions in the song make way for the listener to ride through a melodic wave of heavy instrumentals, spot-on production, and an interesting mix between screamed and whispered vocals. Overall, Assurance has delivered a refreshing new tune that doesn't seem to stick to a strict formula of any single genre under the Metal umbrella. We're not sure what they have planned next, but we can't wait to hear more!

You can check out the music video for the new single below. We also have it added to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Assurance so you can stay on top of future releases. Enjoy!

Assurance - "Facade"



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