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The latest single from Gainesville alternative band Arrows in Action is a heightened pop song with metal/metalcore backing. It enters with a smoothly produced arrangement of low synth and aux percussion snaps, akin to some of Eurovision’s moodier entries. The verse builds and, at its pinnacle, cannonballs into a seismic wave of metal-EDM with overdriven guitar and heavy drums, exactly like the soundtrack to your favorite NecroDancer game.

The second verse reveals the soaring vocals of featured artist Taylor Acorn with a lovely classical piano accompaniment. The ensuing duet between Arrows in Action’s lead vocalist and Acorn is dramatically performed, boldly relaying the track’s passionate message. Everything is superbly performed and produced.

Listen to the peerless track below, then follow Arrows in Action for more band updates.

Arrows In Action - Uncomfortably Numb feat. Taylor Acorn

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