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Pop rockers Arrows in Action have just released a new single entitled “Permanent Vacation.” It’s a great mix of pop and garage rock with some pop punk elements. Bright guitars, fuzzy bass, synth melodies, and quick drums create an exhilarating backing for fun pop vocals. We love the transition to double time chorus with fast hi-hat drum work, overdriven guitars, and vocals that jump the octave for an extra punch. The muted, lofi bridge is a cool break before the double chorus that reminds us vaguely of “futuristic” sounding 2000s pop (ATC, anyone?).

This is a track we could equally imagine featured in a Disney channel original movie, on local alternative radio, or rocking the Vans stage at Warped Tour. Listen below and tell us what you think. Follow Arrows in Action for more band updates. We also added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify.

Arrows In Action - Permanent Vacation

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