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We're back at it with another Band of the Week! This time we're stoked to bring you the Pop Punk band from Indiana, Amuse. Check out our interview with them below.

Mike and Kaine of Amuse

HU: For those who don’t know, who is Amuse? 

Amuse: We were a band back when we were younger in high school, and then casual for awhile after we graduated. We went our separate ways and had a band reboot in 2016. That's when I would say that the Amuse people know today actually started. We don't play anything from before we got together again. Plus reboots are in! 

HU: Where’d the name come from?

Amuse: I'd like to think it came from an intense thought process. That we hired PR and marketing agents. In reality one of us just said it and we kind of went "I guess that works". 

HU: You've hit the road a lot in the last few years. Can you pick out a favorite tour?

Amuse: They kind of all blend together. They are all fun! Maybe when we went on a 5 week trip to the West Coast because we first heard of White Claw on that tour. 


HU: Favorite show?

Amuse: For me personally, it was Chicago at Brauerhouse with Teenage Bottlerocket and Bollweevils. Just because Kaine got absolutely plastered, made a fool of himself, and threw up all over the van. I never get to see that. 

HU: I know the core of Amuse is Mike and Kaine, how does your writing process usually work? 

Amuse: Each of us write half the songs right before we go to the studio and then we figure it out there. It's not ideal. We just wrote a new EP and actually collaborated on all the songs and took our time. It worked out  so much better. I can't wait to put this one out! 

HU: How have you guys been handling the COVID-19 shutdown?

Amuse: We wrote a new album, watched A LOT or porn, and day dreamed about touring again. 

HU: If you could have Amuse be direct support on tour for any band, who would it be?  

Amuse: The same band everyone would choose. Limp Bizkit or course! 

HU: Do you have a favorite song to perform live? Song you can tell is a fan favorite?

Amuse: People usually like I Want To Believe and Tarkin. Personally I like playing Thrasher. It's like 30 seconds and it's funny to see the old punks start to get down on our most "punk rock" song, without realizing that it's about staying home and making organic cupcakes. 

HU: Anything new coming up for Amuse?

Amuse: We have a new 7 song EP that will come out eventually. Hopefully sooner than later. As soon as this virus is defeated, we will be right back out there playing out little hearts out! 


There you have it! Pop Punkers, Amuse, from Indiana. These guys are on the road pretty frequently, so make sure to follow them via FACEBOOK to keep up with all that stuff. Also, check out their music on their SPOTIFY or BANDCAMP pages!

Listen to the newest song from Amuse below:

Amuse - I Don't Want to Die



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