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Indiana Pop Punk band, Amuse, have announced a West Coast tour in support of their newest album release, "Short Cuts", released on Dodgeball Records. The tour starts this Friday on 9/8 and runs until 10/30.

Amuse started back in 2007, though they say that the band they are today officially started in 2015. Since then they have been steadily playing shows, releasing music, and touring the country. "Short Cuts" is amazing album and is the follow up to their last record "Life Sucks".

The tour will take them out West where they will hug the entire coast from San Diego to Seattle. If you're in one of these towns during their tour, we highly suggest catching a show. We had the pleasure of hosting these guys for two shows in Orlando and Sanford last April. They don't disappoint! Super catchy songs and great energy on stage.

Follow Amuse on Social Media to keep updated with what they're doing, and listen to their new album "Short Cuts" below!



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