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What You Wanted” is the colossal new release from Buffalo rock band Amateur Hockey Club. We hear a phantasmagoria of influences in this track, most notably the inescapable pull of emo lyrical writing, the melodic ingenuity of new wave, and the sheer immensity of indie rock refrains. Emotive but steady verses are completely split asunder in the chorus’s tidal rush of lead guitar, thundering bass, and titanic drums.

Despite any misgivings in the verses, we are completely taken under by the chorus’s strong current and, somewhat to our relief, find it is simply best to go with the new flow. The riptide tugs at our heels, tempting us to stray far away from the tedium of tepid shore waters.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Turn the tides in “What You Wanted” and follow Amateur Hockey Club for more band updates.

Amateur Hocket Club - What You Wanted

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