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Cincinnati-based duo Alico came out swinging with their debut EP. The self-titled 8 track banger is full of danceable hits, blended with heavy alternative rock rooted instrumental work. We ended up adding a track to both our Underground Punk and Underground Indie & Alternative playlists on Spotify.

The unique clash of styles here really makes the band stand out. You're taken on quite the hypnotic journey while jamming out to this thing, and by the time it's over, all you want to do is listen again. What a debut! Every element presents itself in a very impressive way. Whether it's the heartfelt lyricism, unique transitions, ripping instrumental work, or the spot-on Indie styled production, this album is an anthemic ride that's full of surprises.

We can't wait to see what the band has planned for the future. Make sure to follow Alico to see what else they have going on. You can stream the new album in its entirety below. Enjoy!

Alico - Alico



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