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We're pumped to be premiering "Vomnibus" the new album from Tampa, FL punks Arm The Poor. This is a fast and fun 10 track ripper of a release. Comprised of two previously released EP's, the album features songs originally recorded back in 2005 and 2006. There's the raw aggression you want out of Punk Rock, but at the same time an emotional and anthemic theme that really makes this record powerful.

Arm The Poor started in 2005 and toured extensively before calling it quits in 2010. We're not sure what this release means for the band, but we're hoping we can see them play these songs live one day! We added the single from this album, "Eat Shit", to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify.

The album will be available everywhere tomorrow (12/5) through Toe Tapper Records, but you can stream it in its entirety below. If you dig it, buy that shit!



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