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"New Low", the new album from Ottawa-based band We Were Sharks, is a 10 track banger. The nostalgia of 2000's Pop-Punk meets the danceability and anthemic elements of modern Pop Rock, ultimately leaving the listener with an album that's hard to take off repeat.

Since forming in 2011, the band has had quite the journey and released some really insane music. "New Low" is the band's fifth album and the first on their new label Revival Recordings. We cannot wait for live shows to come back, because if we see these guys have a date anywhere near us, we'll be there!

We Were Shark - Shameless

We have them featured on our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow We Were Sharks to see what else they have going on. You can stream and buy the album digitally below. If you want your own physical copy, you can pick one up HERE!

We Were Sharks - New Low (Full Album)

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