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On the Cinder’s new 10” record titled “Sedentary Escape” came out today October 8th. Preorders are up now for the vinyl and the shirt to accompany the release at How they packed so much into seven tracks, we will never know. It’s like the Santa’s Sack of EP’s. It’s also a concept album, of sorts. It will run you through all sorts of emotions. It starts off laying a base of pretty guitar melody and smooth-riding tune, even a quick drop to half time, putting you in a happy place, only to spin around and pinch your nipples with in-your-face punk.

As the guitar picks up the pace, strumming out a hearty-hearted chord, the vocals come in to set the tone. Raw attitude. This guy means business. You can feel the emotion. Queue the rest of the band, it all hits just right. You know you’re in for a treat. Gang vocals come in soon after, and those are *chef’s kiss*. They take the tempo back, and this happens in multiple tracks on the EP, and when they do it’s always a nice friendly reminder saying “Hey, remember this cool groove?” They really know how to get you jamming out with them. On the Cinder is bringing lots of tempo changes that fit just right, keeping all the songs interesting from beginning to end. From slow, zombie chuggin, beef riffs all the way to blast beats, they nail them all while maintaining solid punk rock vibes throughout.

On The Cinder - At The Close

During this killer seven-track barrage of awesome, take a gander at the album art. If anyone knows what art museum it was stolen from, please contact 1-800- just kidding. It sure has the qualities of a fine painting. It’s quite a work of art. It matches up to the music perfectly. It simply gets your brain moving. Three versions of yourself in a reflection - What could this person be feeling? What could this person be thinking? Well, there are some good clues in the songs. Past, present, future, you’re sure to look back, look ahead, and take a look at yourself now with the messages these songs deliver.

Once you sit back down from rocking out and not paying too much attention and give the whole thing another playthrough, you’ll forget it’s on repeat, get right back up, and jam out through it all again. But the third time, that’s the magic number. That’s the time you’ll be able to sit and listen through to the lyrics and enter the world of On The Cinder. This is where things get good. This is what makes the EP extra special. It’s so well written. The diction, the flow, the scenarios implanted into the brain while listening. Each song seems to tackle a different emotion (or two) on its own quite well. They all feed into the next as well. One track will start you off pumped up about making a change in your life. It’s encouraging – even uplifting if you’re feeling like you’re not enough. Three minutes later, you’ll find yourself angry. Reminded of terrible people and terrible moments in your life. By the end of the EP, it’s a hard feeling to describe. You just went through so much in such a small amount of time, but you’re still left feeling accomplished, motivated, and determined.

The order of the tracks, the beautiful mesh they’ve created, the choice of words, the ability to let you create and relate your own story to the songs will easily take you and your emotions for a ride. It’s beautiful, it’s ugly, it’s something you can probably only experience through On the Cinder. Thank you OTC for sending us this masterpiece. A joy of a listen would be an understatement. You can stream the album wherever you listen to music.

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On The Cinder - Sedentary Escape (Spotify Stream)



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