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The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel is an album released in 2021 by Florida-based artist, MDK FLA. At 10 tracks long, this is a very unique and wild ride that boasts an epic energy. Floating somewhere under the alternative umbrella, this album stands out with a powerful and refreshing sound.

Incredibly easy to enjoy from front the back, the transitions between each song feel very deliberate and smooth. While the overall vibe changes from song to song, the dynamic keeps you engaged and ready to hear more. MDK FLA has gone on to release more music since this album, and we highly suggest giving them a listen as well. We're really impressed with the unique style and songwriting structure this artist displays. While we're not sure what they have planned next, this should be someone that any fan of the genre keeps on their radar.

As always, we asked the artist to give us a quick break down of the meaning behind each track on the album.

1) You Better Run- A straight up EDM song. I wanted to make this album more accessible so I had to get all the weirdness out of the way first.

2) Triple Threat- I like this song. Starts off with smoky, seductive vocals and ends up with upbeat, driven guitars.

3) Revelation - Hip Hop. I think the bassline really stands out on this one.

4) Beacon - Pure pop. Echo-y guitars deep, interesting bassline, beautiful vocals.

5) The Witches of Arafel - Something different for sure. The bassline in unique.

6) True Accord - Pop Rock to hip/pop. The guitars during the second half are warm and soothing despite the distortion.

7)Short Shrift - A bluesy song with a fun solo

8)Sell Out. - Glitchy Classical to EDM to hip/hop. Great basslines throughout.

9) Resonate - A warm instrumental jam. The song wraps you in a kind of psychedelic blanket

10) Traversing the Ether - Sitars, organs and chanting. What's not to love?

Like we said above, this album is best-enjoyed front to back. Not on repeat. Sit back, jam out, and see why MDK FLA is someone you should keep your eye on. Enjoy!

MDK FLA - The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel



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