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Boston-based band, Indoor Friends, just released their debut EP, "Is It All Melting?" A melodic 6-track ride, this release features the first 3 singles the band put out this year and 3 new tunes. They've been on our radar for a little while now, so we're really ecstatic to be able to jam this rad set of songs!

Each song boasts powerful vocal work full of harmonies, multiple singers, clever lyricism, and hypnotic vocal flows. The lyricism in these songs is powerful and emotional. This is a major reason why this set of songs is so damn easy to leave on repeat. When one track ends, it stays on your mind as you're gently moved onto the next. Lyricism, while too often overlooked, is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to crafting a dynamic and heartfelt release.

The instrumental work in each track is just as impressive. Guitar licks range from soft arpeggios to slamming power chords. The drum and bass work stays consistently punchy and provides a solid rhythm for every element to play off. Overall, this is just a really impressive debut. You're left wanting more, and that is exactly what an EP is supposed to do.

We added two of our favorites from the EP (though it's really hard to choose favorites with a release like this) to our Spotify playlists. "Are You Sorry Yet" can be found on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist, and "Life is Suffering" is on our Underground Punk playlist. You can jam the EP in its entirety below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow Indoor Friends to stay on top of what else they have going on!

Indoor Friends - "Is It All Melting?"



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