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U.K.-based punk rockers, A.W.M., recently delivered their debut album, Paper Thin Authority. Boasting 10 tracks of ferocious punk rock energy, this is a wild release that emits infectious energy. What a debut!

Ripping instrumentals pull you in as you're handed poppy vocal flows, unique transitions, and unforgiving punk-styled production. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, and the band shines brightly by being able to unleash so much power from a standard trio sound. This album feels very full, and it will no doubt serve as a much-needed refresher for all fans of the genre.

It's always great to come across a release this stripped down while remaining melodic. Heartfelt lyricism is boosted by punchy drums, distorted guitars, and groovy bass lines. We're not sure what the band has planned next, but we really wish we could see them perform this ripper live!

You can jam along to the album in its entirety below. We also added a couple of our personal favorites to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. If you dig what you hear, make sure to follow A.W.M. so you can stay on top of what else they have going on. Enjoy!

A.W.M. - Paper Thin Authority



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