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Sydney pop-punk band A Swift Farewell have stormed headlong into a new heavy pop single entitled “Stressed Out,” featuring the additional talents of fellow Aussie rockers Clay J Gladstone. The song’s narrative underlines the all too relatable paradox of concealing any negative thoughts or emotions for the sake of preserving a relationship, when doing so will, in fact, only siphon off one’s remaining positivity and undeniably crush the affected party over time.

Influences from 2000s femme pop stars, mid-2000s emo and punk, hardcore, and modern rock intertwine in a titanic twister of careening guitars, hammering bass, and slamming drums. Clear, impassioned vocals propel this whirlwind track toward landfall in a path of now inexorable destruction.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Get swept away with “Stressed Out,” then follow A Swift Farewell for more band updates.

A Swift Farewell - Stressed Out

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