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Time To Start Your Campaign

After we've built your release plan, we start sending your music out for coverage. This includes blogs, Spotify playlisters, social media influencers, podcasts, and occasionally radio stations. 


We've built relationships with a large list of music blogs that have dedicated and active readers. Blogs are important because it exposes your music to a very wide array of potential fans, while at the same time boosts your search engine cred. The more your artist name shows up in web articles, the better.

Spotify Playlisting: 

Everyone knows Spotify is the king of streaming. Like it or not, that's just the facts. We have a growing list of Spotify playlist curators who have built and maintain genre-specific playlists. The listeners on these playlists can vary from 5 or ten to literally hundreds per playlist. PR campaigns are a big puzzle, and Spotify playlists are an important piece of that puzzle to get traction on your new music.


Social Media influencers are a great way to get exposure for a new release. Tik Tok is the big name in Social Media now, and we work with a growing list of Tik Tok influencers that like to add new music into their videos. Podcasts are also a great tool, as they provide a medium for an artist to talk about the release in their own words. Radio coverage can be tough if you're an independent artist, but we do work with some stations that like to feature the bands we work with.


Single Release - $400 USD

Album Release (Includes Campaigns for Singles) - $600 USD

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