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The Problemaddictsfl

Deltona, FL


Started in 2015, The ProblemAddictsFL are a pop punk band based in Central, FL. They've released two EP's, have done multiple US tours, and in mid 2018 released their debut full length album "Bad Breaks" through A Jam Records. Originally started by three friends as a three piece made up of Jacob Snell (guitar & vocals), Steve Brandhuber (bass & vocals), and Billy Morrissey (drums), they expanded their sound by adding an additional member, Brandon Purvis (guitar & vocals), in 2018 who can be heard on their EP "Bad Breaks" as well as their album "Derailed". Following the release of "Derailed", Trey Ayers replaced Brandon on Guitar and back up vocals, and the band has been actively on the road since. 

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