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**7. Apple iCloud Photo Downloader**. This utility is a part of Apple's iCloud Photo Library service. The app is used to download images from an iPhone or iPad. Apple Photo Downloader costs $4.99 and is available at the iTunes App Store. **8. Remote Desktop Connection**. This program is used to allow you to control a Windows PC remotely. Remote Desktop Connection costs $49.95 and is available at the Apple Store. ## **Chapter 9 ColorSync: Copying RGB, CMYK, LAB, and more** This chapter is about your Photoshop color-management system. In the previous chapter, you learned how to manage the color in Photoshop with layers. However, if you are getting ready to print an image and do not have a monitor, you can use a color management program instead. Photoshop's own color-management tools are located under the File menu. In this chapter, you will learn about color management. You will learn how to set up your monitor and printer correctly to take advantage of this system. You will also learn how to work with the ColorSync utility program to create special effects, such as the appearance of sepia tone and tinting. You will also learn how to copy RGB, CMYK, Lab, and more information from one color space to another. This chapter is not the place to discuss color theory. You will not learn how to measure colors in paint swatches, in-depth, but you will learn how to store and display them and how to work with them in Photoshop. In the previous chapter, you learned that a color consists of three components—red, green, and blue. The range of these three components is quite large, as demonstrated in **Figure 9.1**, and this range is described by the color wheel. **FIGURE 9.1** A color wheel showing the range of red, green, and blue components. If you know the range of a color, you can put the color into a specific color space, a collection of numbers and letters that define how a specific color is represented. The range of color is different in each color space. The color space that you use is up to you, but you need to be aware of the effect the color space has on the colors in the image. When an image is created in one color space, it may need to be transformed into another color space in order to



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DM Portrait Pro 7.1 FULL VERSION kasdas

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