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We're back with another Band of the Week! This time around we're stoked to bring you the Punk Rock pack of werewolves that is Wolf-Face! Check out our interview with their pack leader, Michael J. Wolf, below.

HU: First off, thanks for taking the time guys! For those who don’t know, who is Wolf-Face?

WF: We formed during my high school years as a basketball dominating teenage werewolf. Hollywood even made a box office smash movie about me. After dominating sports and movies while just a young high school pup, I decided to see if I could also dominate the music scene. So I formed Wolf-Face with my pack mates, and we obviously succeeded with what I wanted to do. We are from St. Petersburg, Florida.

HU: Where’d the name come from?

WF: I think it’s from a Shakespeare play. It fits.

HU: What's the best and worst part about being a werewolf?

WF: The best part is being able to dominate my human brothers and sisters in everything I do. I’m far too humble to brag about all of my skills but others might correctly tell you that I’m pretty much the best at everything I do. The worst part is people assuming my life is easy. It’s tough being a teenager and being constantly bombarded by TMZ and my adoring fans. It can go to one’s head but I always remember to stay humble.

Photo - aneasybakeoven
Wolf-Face at Fest 18

HU: Since the pack formed, you guys have been very busy. What were some of your most memorable shows?

WF: Probably our most memorable show was is Houston, Texas at this weird place called Super Happy Fun Land. This was definitely not my favorite or our best show but, is probably the most memorable. It was a show set up in this large old abandoned theater that was filled with creepy and crusty stuffed animals and all sorts of other crazy junk. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Nothing but Trouble,” it was like that place. Us and a couple other bands traveling from South by Southwest were booked and there was nobody there except this super creepy dude who set the show up who we called “The Lorax.” He was the only person watching the bands on this huge theater stage and demanded encores from every band. It was super sketchy all around and we feared The Lorax was going to lock all the bands into his horror house to torture us. Luckily, we played and were able to escape.

HU: Let's talk about your new record "Still Golden" that you released earlier this year. Can you tell us more about the writing process? Was it different from your previous releases?

WF: As with all of our releases, I write and demo most of the songs and then we get together as a band to learn them and the other wolves add some of their own touches. It works out best that way since I was the star of the show as a basketball playing teenage werewolf, so I’m really the only one who can draw from that experience pool to write songs that come from the heart.  

Wolf-Face - Still Golden (Single)

HU: How have you guys been handling the COVID-19 shutdown?

WF: We’ve been fine. Werewolves are immune to pesky viruses that may plague humans. Due to not being able to play shows, some of our money stream has dried up for now. I was forced to sell one of my hot tubs and now I only have 3 left in my home. So that’s a huge bummer but I guess things could be worse. 

HU: If you could have Wolf-Face be direct support on tour for any band, who would it be?

WF: Maybe IDLES? I feel like they’re a band that is just tearing shit up now. Their fans probably wouldn’t like us but at least I’d get to see IDLES play every night. 

Wolf-Face at hometown venue "The Bends"

HU: Do you have a favorite song to perform live? Song you can tell is a fan favorite?

WF: This is a tough one because it probably used to be our cover of NOBUNNY’s “I Am a Girlfriend.” Unfortunately we recently learned that NOBUNNY is a creepy piece of shit in real life so we won’t be playing that song anymore. So now the answer is probably our song “ Put Me In Coach... On Second Thought, Go Fuck Yourself!” That song is always fun to play and has a lot of crowd participation. I guess everyone can relate to having a shithead coach. 

HU: Anything new coming up for Wolf-Face?

WF: Well, sadly but rightly so, The Fest has been postponed til 2021. We've been lucky enough to play each year since our first in 2013—Fest is such a great time and we always look forward to spending that weekend in Gainesville, Florida. Oh, and our first North East USA tour dates ever all got cancelled in the Spring due to COVID, so hopefully we're able to make that happen in 2021 too! In the meantime time I’ll be chillin in one of my three hot tubs. Surf’s up!


Well there you have it! Make sure to follow the band so you can keep up to date with shows and new music. As they said, once COVID is over they plan to get back out and hit the road.

You can also purchase their new LP "Stay Golden" over at Say 10 Records



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