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Grunge trio Withr from downstate New York has just released a new single entitled “Chrysalis.” Unsettling chord progressions crash under a surf of distorted guitars, washy cymbals, eddying drums, cool bass, and a whirlpool of vocals. The circular motion of the rolling guitars and end-over-end vocals gives us the feeling of being adrift at sea. The mood matches the lyrics which describe “feeling stuck, while the world changes around you…you can take your chances and ‘spin again,’ only to land back where you started.”

Chrysalis” is the band's first release of the year, following a two-song EP in 2020. We look forward to hearing more of their unique grungey art-punk style. Check out the track below, and then follow Withr for more updates. We also have this track added to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify.

Withr - Chrysalis


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