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We Were Sharks just released their new single "Shameless". We're not sure how, but this is actually our first time listening to the band, and we're pissed about it! This band absolutely rips, and their new single "Shameless" is a track that we've been jamming non-stop since we heard it.

While the band is no stranger to having streaming success with their recent singles, we would not be surprised if this is a song you're going to start hearing a lot of. While rooted in the world of Punk Rock, there's a lot of elements that are present in this track, really making it unique. It's still early, but we can say with confidence that "Shameless" will be included into our Best of 2020 list at the end of the year.

One thing that drew us into this track was the journey it takes the listener on. Unique transitions, impressive instrumentals and vocals, top notch production... everything is on point here. Not to mention, the lyrics are all too relatable! Overall, We Were Sharks knocked it out of the park with this release.

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. We added "Shameless" to the stop slot of our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the music video for the song below!

We Were Sharks - Shameless (Official Music Video)


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