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Down & Out” is the newest release from pop rock duo WE R OK. It’s a lighthearted summer-time track that talks about hanging out with the friends, “rolling with the punches,” and generally trying to live life carefree. Starting with plucky upstrokes in the guitar, grooving basslines, and a classic 80s boutique drum machine with its various hand claps, snaps, and simple hip hop beats, we hear a mix of laidback modern reggae, party pop music, and DJ-esque EDM club production.

The duo says they met whilst studying together in college and they quickly connected over their shared desire to write and produce music that allows them, “and hopefully…others,” to cope with discouraging setbacks in everyday life. This upbeat reggae pop track is just the thing to take the edge off after a long work week and remind you to enjoy the weekend.

If you need more time to unwind, check out the band’s discography on any streaming service and be sure to follow them on Facebook for future releases. We have this track featured on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below!

WE R OK - Down & Out

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