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For our newest Band of the Week, we're really stoked to bring you the Chicago based band Voice of Addiction. This is a group that has been on our radar for a while now. We've seen them live a few times, and a lot of the bands on the Havoc roster have played with them in the past. Check out our interview with their frontman, Ian, below.

HU: First off, it's great to talk to you guys. Thanks for taking the time. For those who don’t know, who is Voice of Addiction? 

VOA: What's up Havoc? I am Ian and I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2002. A friend I grew up playing music with moved to Chicago two years prior to me. The house we first moved into was his friends he lived with at the dorms, and us three became the initial line-up of V.o.A. We were all in music school and working full time so the first couple years was a bit slow and under a previous name. So we usually say we started in 2004 when our s/t full length came out. Our first major 6 1/2 week Canadian / American tour set a fire that has yet to be extinguished. Our current line up with Andy Ducey & Tyler Miller has been together since 2017.  

HU: Where’d the name come from?

VOA: I have always felt like if people were gunna actually listen to what I had to say I better sing about things other than girls, cars and chewing gum. The whole point of 'Voice Of Addiction" is to help bring things to the table of discourse that have been ignored for far too long. We believe everyone is addicted and it isn't always the usual suspect such as drugs, sex, rock n roll. It can literally be anything from mental to physical. Whether it is money, greed, power, ego or religion, spirituality, caffeine, TV, etc. The list could go on forever.  

V.o.A live at Kick Butt Coffee in Texas

HU: We know you guys tour extensively, could you narrow down a favorite or most memorable tour?  

VOA: The early tours were memorable because things were so much newer and unpredictable. The border crossings always a stress!  The later tours equally memorable because of all the amazing people we meet year after year and are lucky enough to revisit. It is a very strange, grueling and unique way to see the world and we all feel very lucky for our opportunities. 

HU: What's your favorite and least favorite thing about being a part of the Chicago music scene? 

VOA: I moved here for one simple reason, I fucking love this city and the many opportunities it affords. I cannot even believe some of the things I have done and been a part of just because I live here. There is a long punk rock tradition here and most of the people have stayed in the scene. However with the bigger scene it has created plenty of cliques within the punk community. This can lead to the same bands playing with the same bands, and sometimes less diverse musical experiences are offered. Also even before the current pandemic, the amount of separate rad things happening on the same night have proven to lower attendances. 

HU: Who is a band that you've met through playing shows that we should all be listening to right now?

VOA: My mind changes minute to minute but for now:

  • Alabama - Random Conflict

  • Alaska - Clyng-Onz

  • Arizona - We Might Be Wasted

  • Arkansas - Narrow Dinero

  • California - Failing Up

  • Colorado - blackdot

  • Connecticut - Two fisted Law

  • Delaware - Clobbersaurus

  • Florida - The Shakers

  • Georgia - Ganges Phalanges

  • Hawaii - Cringer

  • Idaho - Upinatem

  • Illinois - The Arrivals

  • Indiana - The Involuntarys

  • Iowa - Die Mutts

  • Kansas -The Rackatees

  • Kentucky - The Jettisons

  • Louisiana - Diplocrats 

  • Maine - Scotty Saints & True Believers 

  • Maryland - Ded End Lane

  • Massachusetts - Loser's Circle

  • Michigan - Bastardous

  • Minnesota - Class of 86

  • Mississippi - Flying Raccoon Suit

  • Missouri - Portrait of Authority

  • Montana - Goners UK

  • Nebraska - The Shidiots

  • Nevada - Boss' Daughter

  • New Hampshire - Zombie Beatdown

  • New Jersey - Houston & the Dirty Rats

  • New Mexico - The Dying Beds

  • New York - But, Pyrite

  • North Carolina - Pleasures of the Ultraviolent

  • North Dakota - Hard No

  • Ohio - All Dinosaurs

  • Oklahoma - Costanzas

  • Oregon - The Latter Days Skanks

  • Pennsylvania - Assemble

  • Rhode Island - The Down and Outs

  • South Carolina - Hale Bopp Astronauts

  • South Dakota - Dissent

  • Tennessee - El Escapado

  • Texas - All Oppossed

  • Utah - Problem Daughter

  • Vermont - Get a Grip

  • Virginia - Rad Taco

  • Washington - Kids on Fire

  • West Virginia - Waxjaw

  • Wisconsin - 94 Distortion 

  • Wyoming - System Restore

HU: How have you guys been handling the COVID-19 shutdown? 

VOA: We have been doing 100 plus shows a year up until this pandemic. So it has been a total 180 degree shift since this hit. Plus everything we all do in between tours etc involves being around people. A lot of adapting and evolving but we are all doing fine and hanging in there. :)

V.o.A. live in Pensacola, Florida

HU: If you could have Voice of Addiction be direct support on tour for any band, who would it be?

VOA: I am sure each of us has our own lists, but I would say Propagandhi, Descendents, Bad Religion. 

HU: Do you guys have a favorite song to perform live? Is there a fan favorite live?

VOA: Unfortunately for the subject matter "I Can't Breathe" has been popular. 'Corporate Pariah" always gets a strong reaction live. I personally always tend to like playing the newer songs live ;) But I am always about the audience / performer working together on participating. So when the crowd is involved is always the most satisfying. 

HU: Anything new coming up for Voice of Addiction?

VOA: We were finishing a month-long southern tour when shit hit the fan with Covid in the States. We got back March 17th, and somehow had no shows cancel, but 2 local bands cancelled each of the last two nights. The only good thing to come out of this is we were basically already quarantined together. So we were able to get together weekly for rehearsals and keep each other in our bubble. This was not only great for our sanity, but we have 14 songs together now for the next full length. 


There you have it! Make sure to follow Voice of Addiction to stay on top of any new stuff they have going on. Also remember to follow Havoc Underground on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to keep up to date with news in the Underground music scene.

Voice of Addiction (Spotify Stream)


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