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We're pumped to be premiering the new music video for "The Immortan Joe Memorial Highway" by Nathan Leigh and The Crisis Actors. This is a really cool video made using stop motion animation. We got to talk with Nathan Leigh about the video and the song behind it.

Nathan Leigh

"The idea for the animation came out by accident. I’m always on the hunt for old toys and

unusual little figures to animate with. I found these guys in suits that had a tack for a head at a flea market, and they seemed like ominous almost fascistic interchangeable foot soldiers." Says Nathan. "I started filming before I even really had a story, just to see what they could do, but it became clear pretty quickly that the story was about this awkward wooden elephant standing up against this dystopian nationalist nightmare."

Just as impressive as the video is the song itself. This is the first track we've heard from these guys, and we were very impressed. The song sounds so full, which makes sense considering there are 8 credited musicians on it. Not only does it have a style of its own, it also boasts a catchy chorus that'll guarantee to be stuck in your head (but in a good way).

"I wrote “The Immortan Joe Memorial Highway”about the shortsightedness of politics and the way it’s covered in the press. Everything is talked about as either a win or a loss for one side or another but things like climate change and the pandemic aren’t political issues and there aren’t two sides. A political “win” can mean mass death, so who really wins?"

Check out the video below. You can follow Nathan Leigh on his artist Facebook page to stay up to date with his upcoming projects, which include new music and a Zelda inspired video game starring the main character "Immortan Joe" from this music video - yes you read that right!

Nathan Leigh and the Crisis Actors - The Immortan Joe Memorial Highway



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