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We're very happy to be premiering "Miserable", the incredibly powerful new single from Alternative Pop/Rock outfit Hand Signs. There's a lot we have to say about this track, but we feel we need to first get straight to the point... this thing fucking rips!

You're immediately pulled into this track with an airy guitar lick, complemented by soothing vocals that continue throughout the entire song. From there, you're taken on a wild ride of impressive instrumental work, powerful lyricism, unique transitions, poppy hooks, and spot-on production. By the time the track is over, you're left with an infectiously catchy and anthemic hit.

Elements of Indie Rock, Pop Punk, Indie Pop, and Alternative Rock are all present here. The band really shines by blending these elements together, while also throwing in their own style, overall crafting their own unique sound. We're not sure what these guys have planned next, but we can guarantee that Hand Signs will be a name you'll hear a lot more of soon.

In the words from the band, "Miserable" "is a song about a relationship that is on the decline due to the lack of communication. It displays the awkwardness and difficulty of being on either side of a relationship where someone has something to say but decides it’s not worth talking about." The music video for the track does a perfect job at giving a visual element to the meaning of this track, as well as the heartbreaking line from the hook "please don't tell me that you're happy if you're miserable".

We'll say it now, this will be on our Best of 2021 list at the end of the year... and there's still a lot of year left! Make sure to follow Hand Signs to see what else they have going on. "Miserable" will be live everywhere tomorrow 5/7/21, and when it is, we'll have it added to the top slot of our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the music video for the new single below!

Hand Signs - Miserable



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