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Video Premiere: Casket Culture "Ain't No Stopping Me"

Melbourne, FL based Rock band, Casket Culture, just released their first single "Ain't No Stopping Me". The song is great. Heavier intro and verses, a spooky bridge, and catchy choruses that will 100% get stuck in your head. This is an awesome first effort from the band, and definitely leaves you excited to hear what else they have in store.

To promote their single, Casket Culture released a music video for "Ain't No Stopping Me'. It's pretty freaking rad, and you can watch it below. We're not sure what the release plan is for the rest of Casket Culture's music, but we've been told to expect a new single every month for a while. So make sure to follow the band via their FACEBOOK. You can also stream "Ain't No Stopping Me" on their SPOTIFY page.

Casket Culture - "Ain't No Stopping Me"



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