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For this Video Feature we're taking a look at "Ghost-Town Let-Down", the newest release from heavy handed Pop Punk band (love that description), Wring Out. To put it simply, the track is great. Drawing elements from a few different genre's under the Punk/Post Hardcore umbrella, the band has done a great job at finding their own sound here.

"Ghost-Town Let-Down" is their first release since their 6 track EP "These Walls I Built" that came out earlier this year. The video they released to accompany this song is rad as well. We're not sure what the band has next, but we're excited!

Make sure to follow Wring Out (linked above) to see what else they have going on. If you're fans of well produced Punk, Pop Punk, Post-Hardcore styled music, you'll definitely enjoy this. Check it out!

Wring Out - Ghost-Town Let-Down

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