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For this video feature we're looking at "The Simulation // The Spire", the latest effort from Metalcore band Saving Vice. The video covers both tracks from their new EP "Binary" which was released on October 30th.

Diving into the track, or should we say tracks, first... this was a release that blew us away. It has every element you'd want to hear in a Metalcore release and more. Aggressive and on point vocals, impressive instrumentals and unique transitions, earth shattering breakdowns... It has it all. Not to mention, the overall production of this release was perfect. Admittedly, this was our first time listening to the band. By the time the EP was over, we kept thinking to ourselves, how the fuck have we missed these guys? Overall a really impressive release here.

Now onto their music video. They did an awesome job. The video boasts heavy visuals split between colorful graphics and animation. It's a chaotic mess in the best way possible. This was the first video we saw in a long time that we replayed as soon as it was over. The transition in the video between the two tracks is great as well. The overall vibe stays the same, but viewers know they're getting into something different. This was a great release from the band, but pairing this video with the EP was a really smart move and it paid off.

Follow the band (linked above) to check out the rest of their music. You can check out their music video for "The Simulation // The Spire" below.

Saving Vice - The Simulation // The Spire (Official Music Video)



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