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After a several year hiatus, “Sick of You” is the highly anticipated new single from Norwegian punk artist Ida Maria. The energy and irreverence are immediately palpable as punchy guitars and anthemic drums provide a simple backing track, really allowing Ida Maria’s brazen vocals to shine front and center. Her voice is iconically punk yet broadly palatable, so we could imagine “Sick of You” broadcasting from the local pop station right alongside a track from Pink.

Maybe it’s cliché but we definitely hear Pat Benatar and Joan Jett in this track too - simple guitar work, chunky bass, and good melodic phrasing, all wrapped up in a Devil-may-care feminist attitude that gets us going.

Check out the fan-created music video for this track, which features famous feminist icons throughout history, but with a bit of a twist. And look for Ida Maria’s forthcoming EP release by following her Facebook page here. We can’t wait to belt out these new tracks as we cruise down the freeway in our beat up cherry red ragtop. We also added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify.

Ida Maria - Sick Of You



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