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For this Video Feature we're bringing you "Downward", the newest single from the heavy-handed Pop Punk band All Hours. Implementing elements of Post-Hardcore into a familiar, yet unique, Pop Punk sound, this Australian based five-piece has left us with a powerful and anthemic release.

You're taken on quite a ride while listening to "Downward". One moment you can be vibing with the gentle and mellowed-out verses, the next you can be screaming along to the angst-filled gritty vocals or singing along to the track's poppy hooks. We're told that an EP is on the way to follow this single. This is great to hear because, by the time "Downward" is over, all you want to do is listen to more from the band.

Make sure to follow All Hours to see what else they have going on, and they stay up to date on that new EP news. We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the video for their new single below!

All Hours - Downward



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